4 products to make your mornings easier with the kids

I'm a big fan of making mornings as easy as possible :)

Whether you're home all day with the kids or rushing off to school and work as soon as you're up and out of bed - mornings can be SO busy and stressful! So whatever we can find to simplify or make them easier is always welcome in my world.

I cover some simple but very effective tips in my free ebook to make mornings easier, but I'm always on the look out for more ideas to help busy families - and this week I have some awesome products to show you that will save you time and ease your workload in the morning!

Here are 5 products that will make your mornings easier:

1. Cereal Dispenser: Check out this one - so cute. The kids can get their own breakfast and you have time to get something for yourself!
Cereal Dispenser from Domayne

2. 7 Days a week clothes organiser: LOVE this one! You can get lots of similar products with a shelf for each day's clothes to be placed on so the kids can get dressed easily by themselves each morning - but so far this is the only one I've come across that covers 7 days.
7 Days a week clothes organiser from Howards Storage World

3. The Gro Clock: This has been an AMAZING addition to our household. On the clock face, the stars are out when kids should be in bed and the sun comes up when it's time to get out of bed. I love it - when Sophie wakes up in the morning she either waits in bed for the sun to come up, or she gets herself up if the sun is out. The benefit here is two fold - we don't have to worry about obscenely early wake ups, and we rarely have to go in and get her out of bed - she just comes out and starts the day at the right time. Fantastic. Plus it has an optional digital clock display and a setting for daytime naps too :)

Gro Clock from Baby Zone Direct

4. A good morning routine chart: Ok I know this is cheeky of me, but I'm throwing my own product in here! The kids picture and word morning routine chart encourages your little ones to become independent and get themselves ready for the day - with minimal nagging from you. It's part of my House & Family Binder but I'm all for sharing the easy morning love, so if you want to grab yourself a free one, just enter your details below and I'll send a free copy to your inbox :)

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