Put your housework on autopilot for more spare time for YOU

I get asked every week how to keep up with housework - how to get the cleaning done, the groceries sorted and the washing clean without it building up over time.

For me, the secret is finding ways to put it on 'autopilot'. I find ways to create a no fuss, no thought required routine that can hum along ech day with a minimum of input for me.

For example:
  • A load of washing every day - rain or shine
  • A monthly meal plan on the first Thursday of every month - each day with a theme (pasta, slow cook, quick & easy, etc)
  • A 4 step system to cleaning a room from top to bottom - one room every day
The actions above all have 3 things in common:
  1. They happen regularly (daily, monthly, etc)
  2. They use a template (each uses a page from my house & family binder)
  3. I keep them simple - no fuss, no complex routines to remember. I can just potter along and get them done quickly and easily
That's what life should be like

You don't have to have a perfect house. You don't have to have fancy, Masterchef style dinners. All you need right now is a home and family life that runs smoothly and leaves you with time to enjoy... whatever you want!

So this week I challenge you to think of at least one way to simplify your housework and put it into place.

If you're not sure how to do it - ask me! I'll help you. You've probably seen the little chat box that pops up on the bottom left of this page - send me a note and ask me whatever you like - it's free and I'd love to help :)

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