How to get kids ready fast in the morning!

My kids and I aren't really 'jump out of bed ready to start the day!' people.

We're more 'wake up slowly and sleepily dawdle over breakfast, then find lots of other things we'd rather be doing than getting ready' people ;)

So getting ready for school on time in the morning was always a bit of a challenge for us! We would do the usual - our kids morning routine charts, our 'what's in my school bag' packing print, we'd organise our clothes the night before.. so we had the basics covered.

But the part we struggled with was going back and forth through the house looking for other things - hairbrush, elastics, sunscreen, etc. I spent more time walking around retrieving these morning essentials than I did using them to get the girls ready for school!

So we came up with this new trick - our get ready basket.

Everything we use each morning lives in one basket that I get out and put on our lounge room coffee table each morning, which is the central 'get ready' point of our house. You won't believe how much faster it has made us in the morning!

Watch this week's video to see exactly what we keep in our get ready basket:

Do you have a 'get ready basket' at your house? If so, what do you keep in it?

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