How to stop losing your car in car parks

Ever watch that Seinfeld episode where the gang spend hours walking through a multi level car park trying to find their car?

Yep, that was my life. And it's worse when you have kids with you!

You've just spent an hour shopping for groceries, you've got a trolley full of cold goods and two tired, hungry and cranky kids and you're more than ready to head home.... but you have no idea where you parked!

Once I was so convinced my car was stolen from a car park I rang my brother to pick me up, only to find I had parked two aisles over and just couldn't find my car - embarrassing!

So now I use a really simple (I'm talking INCREDIBLY simple) trick to always know where I've parked - watch this week's video to find out what it is:

And that's it! Told you it was easy.

The other trick I use that I haven't mentioned in the video is to simply park in the same aisle or on the same level every time. You'd think it would be hard to get an empty spot there every time, but I seem to be lucky with this one!

What's your tip for never losing your car in a car park?

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