How to encourage your kids to help with the laundry (folding)

Expecting the kids to do their own folding means one less job for you, which will really help reduce your overwhelm as a busy mum - all these small things add up!

So, today I'm sharing how we taught our youngest how to fold her own clothes :)

For us, the trick was to sit down with Georgia and do it together a few times. We made it a special thing - time just with mum, no rush, no hurry.

Then it was just a matter of turning it into a simple system:

1. We sort the clothes into types (pants, shirts, pj, dresses etc), then work on pile at a time

2. As we work through each pile, we turn each piece the right way round first (not inside out), then lay it flat on the bed or lounge, fold it, then pick up the next piece

3. We do the same pattern of folding for every set of pants, shirts etc so it's smooth and repetitive 

4. There's lots of gentle praise and chatting so the whole thing is a good experience 

I know a lot of this seems like it's too simple and shouldn't need a process to do it or shouldn't be made into a big deal, but for a four year old, walking through the steps really makes it easier to understand and repeat and it makes Georgia feel really proud of herself!

I used to be so busy doing everything, I thought I never had time to teach the kids, but that just meant I was the one doing it all, every day, and it left me exhausted and grumpy. One by one, these small things are giving me back my time and teaching the kids to take more responsibility -and I love that 

Got any tips for getting the kids to help more around the house? I'd love to hear them!

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