How to drag kids away from screens on school holidays!

I LOVE this idea for encouraging the kids to do more than just beg for screen time every day of the school holidays!

I saw the idea on Facebook here and thought it was really clever, so today we tried our own version of it today at our house and it worked SO well - there was no whining, everything on the list got done and I didn't have to spend the whole day entertaining the kids or finding things for them to do!

All I did was write out a version that suited our family, sat down with the girls to explain it, and spent a few minutes reminding them that they didn't HAVE to do them.. But they could only go on the computer if they were all done.

Then I left them to it, and got some work and housework done myself!

In a perfect world, our kids wouldn't be consumed by the computer and the Internet - they'd just get up and go out to play. But the world has changed and tech is here to stay.. So I'm keen to find ways to work with it rather than stress about it :)

Let me know if you give this a try at your house!

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