How to manage school notes and other paperwork - easily!

If you get overwhelmed with the amount of paper that enters your home, if you're sick of losing important notes and being behind on your bills because the paperwork goes missing, or if you just want a simple way to keep all your papers tidy before you action it and file it, you will LOVE this technique!

Grab the Paper Flow book here for more detail and other great ideas: (affiliate link)

This book is GOLD and taught me a really simple way to keep on top of school notes, bills, - everything paperwork in my life and businesses!

Basically, we use an A4 size gift box to corral all of our paperwork. 

We keep the gift box on our kitchen counter, which tends to be where we already automatically 'dump' the incoming papers.

Every time I enter the house with new mail, bills, papers etc - and every time the kids get home from school with notes in their bag, we put them into this box.

The box has a lid on it for 2 reasons:

1. It makes it look neater
2. It sets up a clear guideline on when you have to process the paperwork - when the box is too full to put the lid on, you have to sit down and action everything inside!

Now don't worry too much about the box getting full and overwhelming - in most cases I find this is easy to avoid once you follow the tips in the Paper Flow book and set a regular time to sit down with the box and action the papers inside.

You can do it weekly, or daily. I find daily is easier and takes only a few minutes, and I do it once the kids are in bed.

Give it a try and let me know if it helps you too! And for more information, grab yourself a copy of Paper Flow - you'll love the results you'll get with it :)

x Marissa

* This post includes an affiliate link to the Paper Flow book