My favourite tips for getting your home in order when you feel overwhelmed

Here are my favourite tips for when you feel overwhelmed getting your home in order:

* Start in the space that makes you feel the most irritated

* If it’s overwhelming, set your timer and do 10 minutes twice a day

* Declutter a bag full every week or every day until your house feels easier to manage. One week toys, one week clothes, etc

* Decluttering is better than organising because otherwise you’ll have a house full of containers and no one will bother putting things away if the space is so cluttered - it will be too hard 

* But once you have cut back, then look at storage with a focus on making things easy to locate, easy to get out and easy to put away

* Set up daily and weekly cleaning routines to stay on top of it

* If your kids are school age it’s their responsibility to help you manage the household - and your partner too! Families help each other so they can spend more time together xx

What are your favourite tips?

x Marissa


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