Laundry room tour: How I organise my laundry room

Last weekend I gave our laundry room a little refresh! I thought I'd give you a little tour of what it looks like now and how we use it :)

There's something about having a useful, beautiful space that makes you want to spend more time in there, so hopefully I'll be on top of our laundry pile each week now!

Storage cupboard: In this cupboard we keep our ironing board, iron, the car vacuum, a box of bits & pieces like lint rollers, bags for walking the dogs, and command hooks, plus my bamboo broom and dustpan and brush set.

Left side: On the wall I have my spray mop, I have 2 mop heads so when one is damp and dirty I take it off and throw it straight into the washing machine with the next load of washing, and then I put the spare clean dry mop head on before hanging the mop up again.

Laundry sink area: We have our dryer up high on the wall to make the most of the wall space, and underneath that is a shelf that holds a container of laundry powder with a scoop and a cute little fake plant to brighten the room up a little. Next to that is our hand soap, and underneath the shelf, on the corner of the laundry sink I keep a cake of soap and scrubbing brush to get stains out before washing.

Right side: Up on the wall we have a white basket hanging, in that basket we keep our Hills foldable washing basket (gifted to us from Hills Home Living) so it's easy to grab when I need it and easy to put back. 

A foldable basket makes all the difference when you don't have a lot of space, those big bulky plastic washing baskets won't fit in our little area and would just get in the way. This one looks better, is easy to fold up and put down again, is waterproof inside, nice and light to carry and holds a whole load from my 7.5kg washing machine! You can pick these up from Bunnings in the colours Smoke, Natural and Black - we have the Smoke one.

Underneath the basket is our shoe storage - our laundry is right next to our back door so it makes sense to keep our shoes here :) We have a standard shoe rack and I put white baskets on each level to create drawer like spots where my husband and I can pull them out, pop our shoes in and push them back in, and the kids can just drop their shoes into the top baskets.

Laundry sink storage: Under our laundry sink in the little cupboard I have our extendable, around-the-pipe shelving, you can adjust these to fit almost any cupboard. We keep our carpet cleaners, stain removal, and shoe waterproofing spray in there, along with my floor scrubbing brush and a pair of rubber gloves (on a tray in case someone puts them in when they are still damp - I hate drips!)

And that's it - that's our pretty little laundry space :)

I hope you found it helpful to see how we have organised it - and I'd love to see photos of your laundry in our Facebook group!

x Marissa