One simple habit for a clean and tidy kitchen

It's so simple you can do it on autopilot.

I love to cook, but to be honest, one big downside to home cooking is the state of my kitchen when I’m done!

I hate how messy it gets, and my goal is to finish my cooking / baking session with a kitchen that has been reset back to it's original level of clean & tidy:

Now I don't LOVE cleaning, so I try to keep the clean up as simple as possible by washing dishes and wiping down surfaces as soon as I put my food into the oven.

It means I can take my time because I’m waiting for the baking / cooking to happen anyway, and If I need to check on how the food is going, I’m right next to it and I won’t forget about it.

Most of my baked goods and meals take 20-60 minutes, so if I’m done with the dishes before it’s ready, I’ll declutter or clean a cupboard or pantry shelf too. Then it’s never a huge job!

That's it! Nice and easy, just how I like it.

Tell me about your kitchen habits - when do you wash your dishes? How do you manage bigger jobs like pantry cleaning and organising?

x Marissa