How to add more storage to your living room

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so how can you keep it tidy without adding too much daily work to your To Do list?

The answer is to incorporate as many clever living room storage ideas as possible.

I use a simple 2 part process when I'm organising a room: First, I look around the room and ask myself "What makes this room look untidy?". Next, I look for ways to hide those untidy aspects or make them look nicer

Here are 6 clever living room storage ideas I've incorporated into my home - try them in yours!

1. Keep kids toys off the floor and packed away neatly in ottoman stools

Fantastic Furniture

2. Corral your many remote controls into a remote holder box

Howards Storage World

3. Pack blankets away into ottoman stools, or upgrade to beautiful throw blankets to cosy up your living room and make it look even more beautiful


4. Limit books or magazines on your coffee table to three, or invest in a coffee table with hidden storage drawers or shelves

Temple & Webster

5. Keep all incoming paperwork (bills, school notes, etc) in a beautiful A4 storage box with a lid and say goodbye to paper clutter in your living room. Process these papers each Sunday - action and / or file them for a clean start ready for the week ahead!

Kikki K

6. Add a "put away box" to the room so that anything dumped can be quickly placed into it when company comes unexpectedly (or when you just get sick of looking at it). At the end of the day, everyone needs to go through the box and put their stuff away where it belongs.


Now that I've shared my ideas for simple living room storage, I'd love to see yours! Share a photo of one of your living room storage solutions in our Facebook group and join in the discussion!

x Marissa