My typical daily routine (weekdays with primary school aged children)

 I thought you might like a peek at what my day is like as a mum of two primary school aged children!

Everyone's situation is different, this is just a look at how we do things in my family - it’s not a “to do” for yours. Let me know your daily routine over on Facebook

Ok so our mornings usually begin around 6.30 - 7am when the kids wake us up.

I trade off “default parent” shifts with my husband..

First thing in the morning he takes care of breakfast, school lunches, brings me coffee in bed and takes care of the dogs.

From 7.30 the kids have to get dressed if they want to keep watching tv..

At 8am I get up, make bed and get dressed (I shower at night) and take over default parenting.

I manage the kids getting ready for school (they are 9 and 7 so can do most of it, I just give verbal prompts), put a load of washing on and organise the cat’s food and litter tray.

Kids do a quick tidy of the lounge room once they are ready and then I drop them off at school 👍😃

Then I work from home for a couple of hours, do some cleaning, chill out for a bit, and bake a little (usually something for afternoon tea).

When the kids get home from school we have afternoon tea, then they go play with the neighbourhood kids and I have a cup of tea, hang the washing, bring in yesterday’s washing, then start dinner.

My husband is usually home around now and we cook dinner, wash dishes and chat together.

After dinner I manage the kids showers and homework while my husband does last dishes and takes care of the dogs, then the kids head to bed with a bit of reading and I do a quick house tidy before having a shower and going to bed to watch Netflix or YouTube 💕

And that’s it! I like to keep my days pretty simple.

Let me know your daily routine over on Facebook

x Marissa