5 simple rules for a home that runs smoothly

Home and family life is different for everyone. Here's what works for me and keeps my home running smoothly and peacefully.

1. Dinner isn’t over until the dishes are done. I feel better in the morning when I have a clean kitchen ready for breakfast time.

2. Don’t do things later when you can do them in the moment. Put things away as you finish using them or as you notice they are out of place.

3. Expect your children to help keep a tidy home. Don’t tidy for them or they’ll never learn how to do it themselves.

4. Spend time together. Not just doing everyday jobs, but fun time too. A game, reading, chatting - even just 10 minutes a day builds a connection and lessens whining.

5. Create a rhythm or schedule that suits you. Having set times for set tasks makes getting things done much easier - almost on autopilot.

What are your rules for a home that runs smoothly? Let's chat about it in our Facebook group!

x Marissa