10 easy hacks for a simpler spring clean

In my experience, we don’t spring clean when we find it too overwhelming.

If you simplify your spring clean, you’re more likely to do it every year.

Here are my favourite tips for a simple spring clean:

1. Declutter first so that you have less to clean (1 week of decluttering, then one week of spring cleaning).

2. Do one space at a time - this works for decluttering AND spring cleaning!

3. Use your timer and challenge yourself - make it a game and you’ll procrastinate less.

4. Play upbeat and happy music to keep you motivated - I love this playlist on Spotify.

5. Cut down your time and effort by getting extra help - don’t do it all yourself. Have your family help you out - even kids can do some!

If budget allows, hire a cleaner, or embrace the amazing tech tools out there now!

The EcoVacs Deebot robot vacuum cleaners are amazing. They take care of carpets and hard floors, including mopping! Plus they work with your smartphone so you can have clean floors all the time, with hardly any effort. 

It's amazing - we've been using it for weeks and it's worked beautifully on all of our surfaces. The kids love it too, they get a kick out of programming it and watching it clean the floors :)

We have 2 dogs and a cat and it's been great for pet hair too.

6. Give yourself a reward when your spring clean is done - a GOOD reward, not just a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. I like to schedule in a complete day off with a movie, lunch out, facial or massage every spring as a reward for finishing such a big job! If you’re watching your budget, you can do the same with a movie, nice lunch and pampering session at home. You deserve it.

7. Use the same simple cleaning solution for your counters and floors - no need for multiple expensive products unless you have stains that are really hard to remove. My basic cleaner is 1 part water, 1 part vinegar with a big squeeze of dishwashing liquid.

8. Create a cleaning schedule for the upcoming year so you don’t have any difficult spots next spring (e.g wipe out your oven weekly on a Saturday to avoid build up)

9. Create a rhythm. In my online program Less Mess, Less Stress..and More Calm we use 4 simple steps to clean a room:
  • Rubbish out
  • Put things away
  • Clean surfaces top to bottom (start at highest point like door frames and ceiling fans)
  • floors last (vacuum, sweep or mop)
Use this rhythm for your weekly house clean, for one room at a time, or for every section of your spring clean. 

10. Use reusable cloths so you don’t waste money and resources with paper towel, and so you don’t waste time rinsing out your cloths all day - you can just throw all of your cleaning cloths in the washing machine at the end of the day. Buy tons of microfibre cloths to use each year or go even more environmentally friendly by cutting up old towels into cleaning squares.

11. Stay on track with a checklist! Hand write one or grab a printable from the internet - whatever suits you best. I have a free Simple Spring Clean checklist for you to print, but it works just as well to hand write a simple list for each room. A checklist keeps me on track and means I don’t have to rely on my memory, so I find the job much easier!

I hope these tips help you with your simple spring clean this year!

x Marissa

FTC: This post is in partnership with Ecovacs and contains affiliate links.