Daily routine for a tired mother

This is all I’m planning for the next couple of hours, other than maybe a nap because my 7 year old woke me up at 4.30am to tell me she can see shapes in her dreams 

My daily pattern to keep the house running when I feel too tired goes like this:

 Morning (after school run)

* Breakfast dishes
* Load of washing on
* Quick lounge room tidy
* Work from bed on my laptop

 Midday (ish):

* Lunch
* Nap (or read) - when the kids were little this would be movie time

 Afternoon (when the kids get home):

* Hang washing and bring yesterday’s load in
* Park myself somewhere with a pot of tea and let the kids play or come chat about their day with me
* Prep dinner from around 4.30pm so I can just potter about with it and have a glass of wine while I cook 🍷


* Showers for the kids (while my husband Ben does the dishes)
* Cosy up in my bed with the kids to do homework (primary school) and read a chapter each of their current book
* I fall asleep while the kids are reading 😴
* Ben puts the girls to bed

How do you get through through the day when you’re really tired?

x Marissa

P.S. If you're having trouble seeing the bottom of your laundry basket, watch this free Laundry Hacks video class I put together a couple of years ago. The tips are easy, actionable and make a big difference to your washing pile mountain! xx