5 Things Organised Mums Never Leave Home Without

Not long ago, I asked on the Beautifully Organised Mums Facebook page, "What's one thing you never leave home without?"
"Kids, keys and phone" were the top 3 answers and they are SO true!

You're basically winning at mum life if you remember those.

Want to make your life even easier?

Here are my other faves if you're looking to step up your organised mum status a notch!

1. Keep cup.

Put whatever you want in here - coffee, tea, wine (just kidding!), even water. You'll save a ton of money when you're out & about and you'll have something to cling on to for dear life when the kids are driving you crazy. Take it empty if you have to, you can buy your coffee on the go and save the planet at the same time.

2. Sunglasses.

The ultimate accessory. It won't matter what your hair looks like or whether you have make up on or not if you're wearing a pair that makes you look and feel put together. Don't worry about trends - invest in a good quality pair that suits you and will last for years. I've had the same Oroton ones for 13 years now and they are still the best part of my outfit every day.

3. Water bottles.

Yes, bring one for you (if you don't use your keep cup for it as mentioned above). But even more importantly, make sure each child has one and that they CARRY IT THEMSELVES.

Seriously, you will get out of the car and immediately you will hear "I'M THIRSTY" whines followed by requests for soft drinks, milkshakes, juice, slurpees.. anything except water. Which, if you bring it from home, is FREE. and doesn't stain if spilled on anyone's shirt.

If the kids complain their water bottle is too heavy, just fill it halway. You can refill on the go at any tap. They'll be fine and you'll save cash.

4. Snacks.

This is pretty much the same advice as the point above. Pack snacks into your kids' bags and you'll save money.. plus you'll be prepared for ANY unexpected delays. Car breaks down? No problem, you have snacks. Tired, cranky kids? No problem, they love snacks. You get hungry? No problem, eat some of their snacks.
Keep it simple. Fruit and biscuits will work, or a sandwich. Add an ice pack if you want to bring cheese, yoghurt etc.

5. Tissues or hankies.

andindadesignbp on Etsy

I swear, the ONE time you leave without them, one of the kids will sneeze and it will go EVERYWHERE (gross). Or someone will cry. Or hurt themselves. Or you'll spill something on yourself. I prefer hankies for reducing waste. At this point most people go "Ew! But they are disgusting to wash!" To be honest, with the amount of times I've seen kids wipe their nose on their sleeve, this doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Sleeves wash up fine. So do hankies. But if you're not ready for that yet, tissues are fine.

6. BONUS! Phone charger or battery pack.

Because let's be honest, whenever your phone runs out of battery, that's when school calls to say your kid needs to be picked up early.
Put an extra (cheap) phone charger in your handbag AND one in your car so you're not wasting time and energy moving it from one place to another.


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x Marissa

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