20 Super easy ways to save money

(In random order)

  • Wait 48 hours before you buy that thing you’re looking at - most times you don’t actually need or want it anymore
  • Make simpler meals from basic ingredients (don’t spend $12 on new spices for one recipe)
  • Don’t drive when you can walk or ride your bike
  • Get your books, magazines, movies and music for free from the library
  • Shop second hand (op shops, Facebook marketplace, share shops)
  • Snack on homemade snacks or fruit & veg instead of pricey packet snacks
  • Eat your leftovers
  • Put an easy dinner in your freezer ready for nights you don’t feel like cooking. A $3 pizza from Aldi is cheaper than a $40 pizza delivery
  • Cut up your credit card and close the account once it’s paid off
  • Ignore AfterPay
  • Save your coins, deposit them into your local ATM once a month and transfer that money to your holiday/investment/savings
  • Buy the cheaper brands. There’s no special factory for no-name brands, it’s made at the same place as an expensive brand. Only the label is different.
  • Wear your clothes at least twice before you wash them. Half the washing = half the water and half the laundry powder and it adds up over a year. You don’t smell bad, I promise!
  • Wait one more day between hair washes and save yourself the water and shampoo
  • Grocery shop with a list and a budget (and shop with cash to make sure you stick to it)
  • Just keep one streaming service - you don’t have time to watch them all. Switch them month by month if you like! Even better, try the free ones first - 7plus, ABC iView, SBS on demand, 10 Play and 9 Now all have a huge range of shows to watch including some of your all-time faves
  • Take your leftovers to work for lunch and save $10+ a day. Put your leftovers aside before you serve dinner so you know you’ll have enough for lunch tomorrow
  • Unplug your phone charger when you’re not using it and turn your TV off at the wall
  • Ditch your gym membership and go for a walk outside or do a YouTube workout
  • Ask “Is that your best price?” The worst they can say is yes!
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x Marissa