How to tidy your medicine box (or cabinet) easily

I gave our medicine box and good declutter this week and thought I'd share the simple steps with you in case yours needs a clear out too!

Decluttering and organising any space can feel overwhelming when you're looking at the "before picture":

But honestly, when you follow a simple step by step plan and just focus on one step at a time, it's so much easier than it feels at the start, and you end up with a space that makes you happy and makes your life a bit easier!

Here are the steps I follow to declutter, clean and organise our medicine box - you can watch the video below or keep reading underneath for each step!


1. Take out each item one at a time, close any open boxes and check the expiry date. If the date is fine, put item to the left on counter. If the date is expired, put the item to the right.

2. Wipe down the box so it’s clean and dry (I use a cloth for cleaning and a tea towel for drying, you can use wipes and paper towel if that's easier, we're just trying to reduce single use waste)

3. Put everything back in neatly, like items together 


And now a couple of bonus tips:
  • Odd shaped things can go in a smaller box inside so that they don’t fall over and mess up the box
  • In Australia, expired meds can be dropped off at your local chemist and they'll dispose of the medicines safely for you rather than having them sit in your bin for little fingers to find or go to landfill

I hope that helps you organise your medicine box or cabinet! If you do yours, take a before and after pic and share it with me on Instagram by tagging me!