5 ways to simplify Christmas time

The holiday season can be very busy and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 5 quick and easy actions you can take this month to simplify Christmas time for you and your family.

1. Add a theme to your gift-giving. 

Be known as the aunty who buys everyone a book, or the person who always gives movie tickets or the guest who always brings a tin of shortbread. You don’t have to figure out what everyone wants for Christmas, it’s more about the gift-giving than the gift itself. Choose one thing to give to everyone and your shopping will be taken care of easily in no time. One shop, one order, done! 

2. Limit your social calendar. 

Decide how many social events each week are your limit and make it your new normal. In my house, it’s 2 per week. Any more than 2 events and we’re tired and crabby trying to keep up. So in November and December, once 2 social things are booked into the same week, I default to “I can’t make this one, but have a great time!”. Highly recommend for introverts and parents ;)

3. Turn off your notifications. 

Ah, the bliss of not being on call for your mobile phone. We all know that on-edge feeling we get when we’re hanging out with friends or family and our phone dings or vibrates - immediately, you’re mentally committed to whatever is happening on your phone, whether you check it or not) and distracted from the lovely moment you are living. Turn off your FB, Insta, Email notifications, even texts if want to! You can still check them once or twice a day, you won’t miss out on anything, and you’ll feel so much more relaxed. 

4. Schedule chill time. 

This is my favourite hack for a simpler holiday season. Mandatory, booked in time to do absolutely nothing but whatever I feel like in the moment. Take a nap, read a book, watch “While you were sleeping” again, do a puzzle, take a bubble bath. If you don’t book it in, it will never happen, so block the time out in your calendar as if it’s a party you agreed to go to and enjoy your rest & recharge time. And don’t cancel on yourself. You’re the most important person in your life!

5. Take shortcuts. 

Have super simple dinners. Get your gifts wrapped at the shops, or don’t wrap them at all - pop them all in a huge stocking or Santa sack and be done with it. Get a cleaner in once a week in December. Outsource your Christmas decorating. Hire a local teen to walk your dogs for you. Curate a capsule wardrobe so you have less washing and less time thinking about what to wear. There are so many different shortcuts you can take, and this is the perfect time to do it.

This is just the beginning, once you start to simplify your holiday season, more and more ideas will come to you and you’ll never go back to a busy, stressed-out Christmas!

Happy Holidays,

x Marissa


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