3 Steps to a tidy house after Christmas

Christmas is over for another year and if you’re anything like most families, your house now feels messy and cluttered thanks to all of the boxes, wrapping paper, decorations, and just general overflow of stuff.

A tidy home helps us feel more relaxed and happy, so let’s get your house in order this week in 3 simple steps :)

Step 1: Put away new items

First, make some space by decluttering clothes that don’t fit, paper clutter that isn’t special, and toys that aren’t played with anymore. 

Here’s my favourite step-by-step method for decluttering kids' toys:

  • Grab a big tub with a lid (they have nice ones at Bunnings) and ask the kids which toys they don’t want anymore or haven’t played with in a while. 
  • The kids fill the box, then you put the lid on and stick a post it note on the side of the box that has a list of what’s inside and the date six months from now.
  • Between now and June, if anyone wants anything from the box, you can take it out and give it back. 
  • In June, donate anything still inside the box to free up space for next year. 

Now that you have space for the new toys and clothes, pack them away and make sure the favourites are the easiest to reach and put away. It makes all the difference later when it comes to the kids keeping their rooms tidy!

Step 2: Pack away Christmas decorations

Most families have a day in mind for when they take down their Christmas tree and decorations each year. It might be Boxing Day, December 30, January 1.. choose whatever feels best for you. 

We take ours down from January 8, and we do it in stages over 4 days so that it’s not a huge task and it’s a gentle goodbye to the holiday season. 

On day 1 we pack away anything that’s not on the tree, day 2 we take decorations off the tree and put them away, day 3 we take the lights off the tree and put them away, day 4 we pack away the tree. 

This staged approach is also really handy if you have babies and toddlers and find the whole packing away of Christmas decos really overwhelming and hard to do with little ones clinging to you!

Step 3: Deal with the wrapping paper and packaging

We use material for our wrapping at home so that just gets folded up and put away for next year. Material saves so much money and mess every year!

The kids still receive gifts from family and friends wrapped in paper, so we save any pieces that can be reused, then put paper wrapping we can’t save into the yellow recycle bin.

We flatten boxes and put them into the yellow recycling bin.

Any cellophane, bubble wrap or other light, scrunchable plastics get bagged up to go into the REDcycle bin the next time we do a grocery shop.

That's it! 3 simple steps and your home is back to neat & tidy.

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Here’s to a tidy home and a Happy New Year,



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