Why I’m not buying a planner this year (and what I'm doing instead)

This time of year I normally do a blog post or social media post showing the planner I’ll be using for the year ahead.. but this year is different! 

I’m not buying a planner this year. Here’s why:

  • Planners are beautiful but they are getting more and more expensive each year
  • Often I’ll buy a beautiful planner and then I’m too scared to start writing in it because I’ll “mess it up” with my untidy handwriting, random brain dumps, using different pens. Which is such a strange idea, planners are meant to be written in!
  • Or I’ll use the pretty planner regularly for the first month or two and then completely forget that I have it because I tend to use my online calendar and phone calendar as defaults.
Are any of those true for you too?

Instead of using a planner for 2022, I’ll simply be using my online and phone calendars for date and time based reminders, and this simple blank journal for lists, thoughts and other things I want to remember.

One book for everything so it’s easy to find it and use it and I only have one thing to focus on. Plus, I think the simplicity of this journal is really pretty :)

This is a Kmart journal and it only cost about $5, so it’s easy on the budget and fulfils all of my needs.

What are you using for your planning next year?

x Marissa


Speaking of planning..

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We’ll chat about managing your household the easy way and actually enjoying the year instead of just surviving it. 

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