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Did you know? 

Having an untidy home is NOT a sign that you’re lazy. It’s usually a sign that you’re BUSY.

As parents, we juggle a lot, and life feels non stop busy no matter how old our kids are. When we’re constantly on the go trying to take care of work, family, life and social commitments, something has to give, and it’s usually our home.

We all want a tidy house we can relax and enjoy living in.. but we don’t always have the time to take care of it, the cash to outsource it, or the mental space to delegate it.

Let’s make it a little easier to maintain a lovely living space this year with the free Neat & Tidy challenge!

We’ll keep it super simple.

The goal: A neat & tidy home to relax in.

The method: We’ll focus on tidying one space each month with small steps that are do-able, even when life is busy. 

I’ll send you an email at the start of each month with a suggested space and recommended steps to take to tidy it up and maintain it easily throughout the year.

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I can't wait to tidy with you,

x Marissa