How to add little moments of calm to your busy day

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of day-to-day life.

Getting people ready, driving & dropping off, making sure everyone is fed and everything is clean, keeping up with laundry, shopping & appointments, getting work done, solving little problems before they become big ones, falling into bed stressed and exhausted, and then waking up again the next morning to do it all again.

We have to cram so much into the day that it almost feels too hard to add in the stuff we actually enjoy!

If you’re going through a really busy stage right now and you’d love to slow down and feel a little calmer, the easiest way to start is with tiny pockets of calm peppered throughout your day.

Little moments that almost force you to slow down and breathe a little deeper.

Things that are easy to do, or things that make what you’re already doing feel better.

Here are my favourite ways to bring a little more calm back into my day:

  • Slowly applying hand cream and massaging it in
  • Brewing a pot of tea and drinking it slowly
  • Sitting outside in the fresh air for 10 minutes
  • Listening to a guided meditation - instant calm, no effort ;)
  • Putting your phone on silent and away into a drawer in another room for an hour
  • Playing music you enjoy while you cook or clean
  • Using lamps instead of lights in the evening
  • Showering at night instead of rushing in the morning
  • Telling your kids stories about when they were little
  • Cuddling up with a person, a cat, a cushion, or a blanket and chatting about your favourite part of the day

And my number one tip for adding more calm to your day?

Whatever you’re doing, slow down.

So what if you don’t get everything done?!? You can ask for help, do it tomorrow, or ditch it completely if it’s not actually that important.

When your kids see you slow down and enjoy little pockets of your day, you’re showing them it’s ok if they do that too, and when they get older and have more on their plate too, they’ll remember how you handled it.

I hope you found these ideas useful. If you’re ready for next steps in simplifying, you might like to check out my house & family binder. It’s a simple set of prints that will help you streamline how you run your household and free you up a little more!

x Marissa