4 truths about clutter that will motivate you to get rid of it

How do you feel about decluttering your home?

When I worked 1:1 with other mums organising their homes, the same feelings seemed to pop up with every client.

They felt frustrated or guilty about the clutter in their homes, but the thought of going through it was overwhelming. Even though putting it off felt bad, trying to do it felt bad too.

I find these 4 statements help a lot in term of motivating me to declutter a space in my home!

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions” — Barbara Hemphill

This is so true! I know what it feels like to look at a space that needs decluttering and put it off because making the decision on whether to keep, donate or throw away some of the items pulls at my heart a little.

But once I decide, it’s done, and I always feel so much better.

A home with less in it is easier to maintain.

It’s so much easier to tidy and clean when you don’t have to move things around first or dust 100 things in one room. My main motivation for decluttering these days is how much easier it is to clean a room from top to bottom - it’s almost no effort compared to before and dust doesn’t really have a chance to build up on anything.

In most cases, once it’s gone, you don’t miss it.

To be honest, a lot of the time, when I’ve finished decluttering a space, I can’t even remember what was in it before! I just feel lighter when I look at it.

If you make a mistake decluttering, it’s usually easy and inexpensive to fix it.

On the rare occasion I have decluttered something thinking I didn’t need it or use it much and then found myself wanting it back again, I was able to find it for a couple of dollars at a local op shop (thrift store). We tend to think of worst-case scenarios when procrastinating on decluttering, but in reality, even mistakes aren’t that big of a deal when they happen.

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x Marissa