10 Ways to stop clutter building up again

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve recently decluttered, your home looks amazing, and you feel great!

But you’re a little bit worried about the idea of clutter creeping in again.

You’re not alone! Clutter does have a way of reappearing over time, and feeling a bit apprehensive about it is totally normal.

The easiest way to stress less about it is to set up a few systems in your home that discourage clutter build up from happening in the future.

I have 10 ideas you can try, but don’t feel pressured to do them all - try a couple and see if they help, and then try another couple whenever you’re ready!

Here are my favourite ways to stop clutter building up again:

Tear up and recycle paperwork as soon as you finish actioning it.

Most bills and statements can now be found online if you need a copy later. Switch to paperless if possible. And put junk mail straight into your recycling bin.

Make it a rule that for every new item you bring into your home, something needs to go out as well.

You bought new shoes. Lovely! You still only have 2 feet and you probably have plenty of shoes already. Pick a pair you don’t wear often and let them go.

Add pretty vignettes to your typical clutter hot spots.

Styling a space with a few pretty pieces gives it purpose, so it’s no longer seen as a dumping ground.

Always have a donation box or bag on the go.

We talk about this more in my free online workshop but the gist is that if you always have a donation bag in the same spot of your house, then as you go through the week and come across items that don’t bring value to your home or life, you can easily pop them in without needing a full declutter session. When the bag is full, put it in the boot of your car ready to drop off when you see a donation bin.

Set a limit on how many of each item you want to own.

If you only need 2 lunchboxes, don’t keep last year’s ones when you buy a new set for back to school. If you never use more than 6 coffee cups, you don’t need a set of 12.

Whenever you go to buy something, ask yourself if you’ll like be donating it in a few years.

You might be surprised at how much you put back on the shelf!

If you really want to buy something, wait 24 hours to do it.

If it’s worth driving all the way back to the shop to get it, or if you remember tomorrow to buy it online, it’s less likely to be something that will turn into clutter.

Turn your clutter hotspots into spaces that work for you.

If someone dumps their keys, sunglasses, and wallets on your kitchen counter every day (even though you ask them not to), add a stylish box, dish or bowl to collect them in so they look like they belong there. If the kids dump their school bags on the floor as they walk in, add a bench by the front door for them to dump their bags on (much easier to find in the morning too).

Make things easy to put away.

If something belongs in a place that makes it difficult to get out and put away again, it’s likely to be left out. Organise your cupboards so that the things you use the most are at the front and mid or level and close to where you use them.

Give the random but necessary things a home so they don’t look like clutter.

For example, a remote holder box means the remotes are put away neatly (and are always easy to find). A magazine rack means you’ll have no more piles of magazines or catalogues.

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you’re ready for next steps, you might like to join me free Neat & Tidy challenge. I send an email each month to help you tidy and maintain one space in your home, the easy way. Click here to be part of it :)

x Marissa