6 Ways to simplify gift giving this Christmas

Christmas is getting closer, and gift giving is on our minds - let’s make it easy this year!

Here are my favourite ways to simplify Christmas gift giving:

Give a signature gift. A bottle of wine, movie tickets, a good book - order in bulk and give everyone the same thing. You’ll become known for your signature gift each year and people will look forward to it!

Give consumables. A tin of cookies, a box of chocolates, a hamper, wine, gingerbread cookies. Consumables are a simple and sweet gift to give that shows someone you thought of them but doesn’t add pressure to buy the perfect gift. And consumable gifts mean no after Christmas clutter for your recipient.

Give experiences. Another great option for giving a gift without adding clutter. Gift a movie voucher, a show ticket, a gift card for bowling or ice-skating, a restaurant voucher, a facial at your local day spa.

Set your budget and stick to it. Don’t feel bad about having a budget. So many people stress about money at Christmas and there’s no pleasure in gift giving or receiving when debt is involved. Tell people your budget per person and most will not only be fine with it, they’ll be relieved because they can do the same without feeling guilty.

Say “No thanks” to Secret Santa or Kris Kringle gifts. These are usually cheap, bad quality items that no one actually wants. No one needs another Christmas mug or T-shirt or another thing to clutter up their desk at work, and you don’t need to add more shopping to your to-do list. Hand out Christmas cards instead or bring a box of chocolates to the office one day for everyone to share. You’ll still feel the Christmas spirit and you won’t be wasting money in things no one wants or needs.

Stick to the foundational four gifts for kids. Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. This one has become a bit of a cliche, but that’s because it works!

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re ready for next steps on simplifying Christmas, you might like to check out my Make Christmas Easy planner. It’s a set of simple prints that help you get organised for Christmas without stress or overwhelm, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season too!

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x Marissa