5 ways to simplify your gift wrapping this Christmas

Christmas isn’t far away, and each passing week can bring a little more overwhelm.

Let’s make the holiday season easier this year with a few handy tips to help you simplify your Christmas prep.

This week I have some ideas for you on how to simplify gift wrapping!

Wrap your gifts as you buy them.

Perfect for you if you feel overwhelmed wrapping a bunch of gifts on Christmas Eve. If you wrap a couple of gifts at a time when you first bring them home with you, it doesn’t feel like a big Christmas to-do anymore.

If you don’t want to label your gifts early and you’re worried you won’t know who each gift belongs to after you wrap it, you can pop a little sticker on it that identifies who the present is for without giving it away - a red star for child #1, a gold star for child #2, a green star for child #3, and so on.

Schedule time for gift wrapping and make it feel good.

If you can’t wrap as you go and need to dedicate an afternoon or evening to wrapping, make it as enjoyable as possible. I like to put on a Hallmark Christmas movie or turn on the fake Netflix fireplace and play Christmas music while I wrap my gifts, with a little treat or two and a glass of wine or mug of hot tea to make it feel a bit special.

Keep your gift wrapping products together.

You can pop it all into a box or basket so it’s easy to get out and put away - handy if you’re wrapping your gifts as you buy them. Bonus points if you can store your gift wrapping products near a large flat surface you can wrap on.

Put these in your gift wrapping kit so you have them ready when you need them:

  • wrapping paper
  • gift bags
  • tissue paper
  • sticky tape
  • ribbon
  • labels
  • cards
  • small stickers like stars (see tip #1)
  • scissors
  • pens
  • batteries to go with electronic gifts

Stick to 1 signature gift wrap style.

Choosing 1 paper pattern and 1 ribbon style makes things so much easier and looks simple and beautiful under the tree - no chaotic pattern clashes.

Choose a fun print or keep it simple with brown paper and a red ribbon - whatever you like the look of.

Or try material wrapping instead of paper! It looks great, you’ll save a ton of waste and won’t have an overflowing bin or recycle bin on Christmas Day, and you’ll save money in the long run because people tend to give back the material after they unwrap your gift, so you can reuse it next year instead of buying more giftwrap.

Outsource it.

You can ask the store you’re buying from if they can gift wrap your purchase for you, or most shopping centres have a gift wrapping station where you can have your gifts wrapped in exchange for a charity donation.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re ready for next steps on simplifying Christmas, you might like to check out my Make Christmas Easy planner. It’s a set of simple prints that help you get organised for Christmas without stress or overwhelm, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season too!

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x Marissa