7 things you can stop buying this year to save money, waste and clutter

Want to start the new year off with less clutter, less waste and more money? 

All you need to do is shift your perception a little on things that feel perfectly normal but are actually costing you time, space, money and effort in your day to day life.

This is the year you stop buying things you don’t actually need and enjoy your extra cash and space! 

Here are 7 easy ideas to start with:

Bottled water.

So easy, and you’ll save hundreds this year from just this one step. Take your drink bottle out with you. Get a small one that fits in your bag if you don’t like carrying it.

Books and magazines.

Use your library app to place the books you want to read on hold. When they come in, you pick them up, read them, and bring them back. No charge, no clutter, and you can re-order one any time you like if you want to read it again.

Brand new clothes.

Do you really need to keep up with every trend? Let go of fast fashion this year.

Wear the clothes in your cupboard that make you look and feel great, say goodbye to the rest. You’ll enjoy having less laundry to do, you’ll love the extra space in your wardrobe.

If you have an event you’d like to dress up for, rent a gorgeous outfit for a fraction of the price of buying one.

If you need new clothes, save your money and go thrifting, it’s so much fun rummaging through everything to find the perfect new piece for you for just a few dollars, and you won’t have to worry about showing up to the office or at a party wearing the same outfit as someone else.

Kitchen gadgets.

Most of them don’t get used enough to justify the space they take up in the cupboard. How often do you really use your food processor or waffle maker? If you have gadgets and appliances you use all the time, keep them. Let go of the rest and don't immediately buy the next one you see being raved about on TikTok.

Anything that will put you in debt.

Is it an impulse purchase, or do you really need it? 

Can you get it for cheap or free at an op shop or on Facebook Marketplace? Does a friend have one you can borrow? Can you get it from a share shop and return it when you’re done? 

Do presents actually need to be expensive?

Can you go on a simple picnic dinner at a lovely location instead of putting an expensive meal on your credit card?

Can you choose a not new car, save money on the purchase and enjoy the savings on your registration and insurance as well?

New versions of things you already have.

Do the kids really need new school bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles , sneakers pens, pencils, pencil cases etc just because it’s the start of the school year, or are last year’s perfectly fine?

If they want the newest coolest thing, can they save up their pocket money for it? You’ll find out fast if they really want it when you suggest that.

Ingredients specifically for just one recipe.

Instead of spending an extra $20 on ingredients you’ll use once, forget about, and then throw away, Google “substitutions for” and use what you already have in your pantry.

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