10 easy tips for a clean & tidy home with no extra effort

Want to know one of my best “organised home” secrets?

You can have a clean & tidy home without actually putting a lot of effort into it.

The secret is to add incidental cleaning to the small routines you already have in your day.

When you’re going about your day - cooking, doing the washing, giving the kids a bath, drop off and pick ups, etc there are little things you can do that don’t feel like a lot of extra effort at the time but they keep everything looking lovely as if you’ve done a dedicated clean.

Add one of more of these to your day and see the difference immediately!

When you wait for the kettle to boil for your morning coffee, unstack the dishwasher. Now it’s ready for people to stack it as they go throughout the day instead of piling dishes into the sink or on the kitchen counter.

While you wait for your pasta water to boil for dinner or your oven to heat up, clean one shelf in one kitchen cupboard. Now you’ll always have clean interiors - no dust, no crumbs, etc - because one shelf only takes a couple of minutes but over the month, you’ll cover every space effortlessly.

Whenever you open the fridge (to make a snack or lunch, etc) take a quick look for any expired food items or produce that needs to be disposed of. Taking care of one or two items at a time through the week saves a big clean out on shopping day.

When you’re keeping an eye on the kids in the bath, spray and wipe your bathroom sink and mirror. You’ll never have toothpaste stains again.

Keep a pack of freezer bags and cleaning wipes in your glovebox in your car and whenever you do drop offs and pick ups, quickly grab any rubbish and pop it in a bag to throw away when you get out of the car. Give anything sticky a quick wipe and pop the wipe in the bag too so you can throw it out easily.

If you’re watching free to air tv and an ad break comes on, use it to quickly today up the room you’re in.

While you’re on the phone, pop it on speaker or put your earbuds in and organise one shelf or drawer in your bedroom as you chat.

When you put laundry on to wash on Mondays, wipe down the washing machine too so it stays clean.

The next time you check your mailbox, take a dustpan and brush and give it a dust, removing any spiderwebs.

Use a dish wand to clean your shower when you’re in it.

Those are my favourites, and I'd love to know yours if you have some too!


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x Marissa

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