5 Tips for easier kids parties

I’m a bit of an introvert, so for me, hosting the kid's parties when they were little was a bit daunting. Over the years we tried a few different ways of celebrating birthdays and other special events, and these ended up being my favourite ways to make itemiser and less stressful so we could enjoy them as parents too:

Plan ahead.

Decide on your date, time, and location for the party. Once that’s done, it’s easier to figure out how many people you should invite because it’s very dependent on your location. Choose a couple of activities to include at the party (you don’t need more than 2) and any special requests your child might have for the day. Once you have those basics in place you can plan out the rest in a simple timeline like buying supplies, decorating, and food prep.

Keep it simple.

When it comes to kids' birthday parties, less is more. You need to plan elaborate activities or serve gourmet food. Keep the menu simple and easy for kids to eat with their hands like sausage rolls and sandwiches, water and a couple of soft drink or juice options for drinks, and 2 games like pass the parcel and statues. Have the party go for 2 hours at most and don’t plan anything else for the day - you’ll want recovery time ;)

Ask for help.

Hosting a kids’ party is a big job, so don't be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and family will likely as what they can do or bring anyway, it’s perfectly ok to ask for help with setup, cleanup, and supervision during the party. 

Delegate responsibilities.

If you have older children, give them age-appropriate tasks to help with the party. They can help with decorations, putting food out, clearing away rubbish, and helping with party games. This helps you get things done and also includes the kids who aren’t having the birthday, giving them a sense of belonging and responsibility. 

Outsource if you want to.

If your budget allows, use a party planner, hire catering, bring in an entertainer, book a cleaner, or just book a McDonalds party. If you have limited time or don’t host parties often, don’t put pressure on yourself to be the expert at it or the only one responsible for everything.

Lower the bar for yourself and don’t feel bad about it - the kids won’t notice the planning and prep that goes into a party, they just remember the fun they had on the day.

Give yourself a chance to have fun too and the party will be a hit without the stress and overwhelm!

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