4 Easy steps for a clean and organised car

We spend a lot of time in the car running the kids around and taking care of errands, and it doesn’t take long before your car can look a little “lived in” (aka messy) especially if your kids are young!

I love getting into a clean car, something about it just makes me feel like my whole day is going to be streamlined and run smoothly 😎

Here are my favourite tips for keeping your car clean and organised for a smoother life:

Start with a clean slate.

It’s easier to organise a car that’s already clean. Throw away any rubbish (including broken toys), vacuum the seats and floor, and wipe down the surfaces.

Add a couple of storage items.

If the kids are little, back seat organisers on the front 2 seats of your car are a fantastic option for holding toys, snacks, a drink bottle, and things you might need for longer trips like an iPad or activity book.

If your kids are older, a car boot organiser is a great option for carrying sports clothes and equipment, swimmers and towels, musical instruments, art supplies etc so you have everything you need safely stored for after school activity drop offs and pick ups. It’s also very handy for holding your grocery shopping bags in place so they don’t roll around in your boot when you drive home!

Keep these items handy for a clean car and organised life.

  • Pack of disinfectant wipes: The easiest way to keep your car surfaces clean
  • Small pack of rubbish bags: Handy for multiple reasons!
  • Small umbrella: Because without it we always get caught out
  • Phone charging cord and car charger plug: Your phone will never die again
  • Two foldable shopping bags: Ready for errands and unexpected grocery pick ups

Habits for a clean car in the long term.

Do a quick clean out and wipe down weekly.

Go to the car wash and vacuum your floors monthly.

Put an old towel on the floor if the kids are little and make a mess with snacks and drinks. It’s so much easier to just wipe mess from the seats on to the floor towel, then bundle it up and shake it out compared to vacuuming it all the time!

As the kids get older, make it a rule that everyone takes their things out of the car when they get home.

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you’re ready for next steps in organising your home & life, you might want to check out my popular House & Family Binder. It’s a simple set of prints to help you get organised and run your household without stress or overwhelm.