5 Easy ways to keep your bathroom clean

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in our homes, and can get dirty pretty quickly.

When you’re already busy, especially with young children at home, it can be a challenge to keep up with cleaning and maintaining your bathroom, but the good news is with a simple process for easy maintenance, you won’t have to deep clean and scrub as often and your bathroom will still be sparkling ✨

Here are my favourite tips for maintaining a clean bathroom the easy way:

Keep it dry.

This one little thing makes such a big difference to how your bathroom looks on a day to day basis. Quickly wiping your sink, bathtub and toilet surfaces after use and leaving the bathroom fan on for a little while after your shower will help to help reduce moisture levels and make it harder for mould and mildew to grow.

Clean as you go.

It's easier to keep your bathroom sparkling if you clean as you go. Wipe down the sink and counter when you brush your teeth, pack your toiletries away so you don’t have much clutter on the counter top, and clean up spills from make up as soon as they happen, before they have time to dry out and settle in. When you keep up with the small, repetitive actions, they don’t get a chance to become big cleaning tasks.

Use tools that make the job easier.

Spend a few extra dollars to get the toilet brush that can reach every nook and cranny of your toilet bowl when you clean it and has a lid for when it’s not in use so it’s not gross to look at. A simple dishwashing wand with dishwashing liquid and a little white vinegar in it placed in your shower means you can scrub the tiles and keep your shower clean almost effortlessly the next time you’re in there. A small squeegee for your shower doors reduces build up, and microfibre cloths clean really easily as opposed to Chux wipes or paper towels when you want to keep your surfaces shiny. If you’re really pressed for time, a pack of disinfectant wipes in your bathroom drawer makes cleaning surfaces a quick and easy action that only takes seconds.

Create a simple cleaning routine.

The best time to clean your bathroom is when you’re in there anyway. Wipe down your sink after you use it, clean your bathtub just before your bath and then wipe it down when you hop out again, give the toilet a quick wipe and swish after you use it, clean the shower while you a have one. Designate a day of the week to empty the bin and restock toilet paper, soap or whatever else you’re running low on and you’ll find taking care of your bathroom becomes something you do on autopilot, with no need to do a big deep cleaning session every couple of weeks.

Use minimal cleaning products.

You don’t need 10 different products to keep your bathroom clean. One surface spray and one toilet cleaner will take care of everything. Even your surface spray can be simple, we’ve been using a homemade one made with dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and water for years without issue. Better for your budget and better for the environment. You don’t need strong cleaners when you’re maintaining your bathroom regularly.

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