Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Organise Your Car for Long Trips with kids


Yes! It's Easy Way Q&A day :) 

Today's question comes from quite a few of you - it's been asked a few times as part of this month's Neat & Tidy 2012 challenge... So I thought I would answer with this week's video!

How do I organise the kids for a long car trip - how do I keep them entertained easily?

Here's how I do it:

Now it's over to YOU - how do you organise your car on long trips so your kids are entertained? Do you embrace DVDs? Are you 'old school', with games like 'I Spy'? Are you lucky enough to have kids that fall asleep as soon as you start driving?

Share your tips in the comments below!

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Check out the Little Car organiser box here

Buy the DVDs here: Hi - 5: Make a Wish, BBC Children's Favourites 2, In The Night Garden,



I purchased the Little Car organiser box and the toys inside with my own money, and I received the 3 DVDs as part of a pack to review. These were 3 of the girls' favourites of the DVD  pack - Soph's going through a Hi 5 phase at the moment (LOVES Lauren!), Wibbly Pig and Charlie & Lola have been very popular here over the last year, and In the Night Garden is a daily occurrence in our house ;)


  1. Melissa @ Just Winging It (Facebook)July 28, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    Great video Marissa! I really like the idea of the Little Car organiser as my boy's toys are currently just in a small pillow case on the floor in front of their car seats. In the pillow case we have a matchbox car, train, sticky notes, mini magna doodle, sticky tape, a peg, crayons and paper, stickers and mini Thomas books. We also have a DVD player each but try to save that for when the toys have all been thrown on the floor.

  2. I love the car bag that you have! I will have to go to supercheap and have a look. My 3 yo boy couldnt reach the backseat organisers when he is clipped in, making it frustrating for me.

    I have to admit, i use a DVD player. I have a little lap table that i use when im sewing and i pop hte DVD player on that. As i tend to drive alone, i stick the wiggles on and in about 30mins my little man is asleep and i can just pull over, turn it off and he is all good. I know its cheating, but I figure we dont have a TV in the house!! Its also really good for when we go to a 'adult' restraunt. I stick it on, he is silent and people cant believe how good he is! I take him to the library to borrow DVDs - he gets very excited now because he knows he gets to watch tele! Its good to know i have something up my sleeve for when i need it!!!

    I cant wait until he is big enough to listen to audiobooks in the car! i love them!