How to Organise Your Car for Long Trips with kids


Yes! It's Easy Way Q&A day :) 

Today's question comes from quite a few of you - it's been asked a few times as part of this month's Neat & Tidy 2012 challenge... So I thought I would answer with this week's video!

How do I organise the kids for a long car trip - how do I keep them entertained easily?

Here's how I do it:

Now it's over to YOU - how do you organise your car on long trips so your kids are entertained? Do you embrace DVDs? Are you 'old school', with games like 'I Spy'? Are you lucky enough to have kids that fall asleep as soon as you start driving?

Share your tips in the comments below!

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Buy the DVDs here: Hi - 5: Make a Wish, BBC Children's Favourites 2, In The Night Garden,



I purchased the Little Car organiser box and the toys inside with my own money, and I received the 3 DVDs as part of a pack to review. These were 3 of the girls' favourites of the DVD  pack - Soph's going through a Hi 5 phase at the moment (LOVES Lauren!), Wibbly Pig and Charlie & Lola have been very popular here over the last year, and In the Night Garden is a daily occurrence in our house ;)