How to Store Pots, Pans & Platters

It's Easy Way Q&A day!

Last night I asked on Twitter: "What's the 1 thing you wish you knew how to organise easily?"

Thanks everyone for your answers, I'll be making videos for them over the next month or two!

Tonight's question comes from Peta, who said - "I find it really hard to neatly organise my kitchen cupboards where I store saucepans and bakeware"

Great point Peta - it can be hard to find a way to store saucepans and baking dishes so that they look tidy and are easy to access!

Here's how I do it:

What about you - how do you store your pots, pans & platters?

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You can find the separate shelves here and the platter stand - I couldn't find the stainless steel one online but I did find the bamboo one here :)

This post is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with Howards Storage World, but if they asked, I would be, because I love their stuff!