Monday, September 16, 2013

5 cool notepads to make your To Do list more fun!

Who loves a gorgeous notepad? I do!
  • Colourful ones make me feel happy and motivated
  • Pretty ones mean I'm more likely to go back and look at what I've written in them
  • New ones give me that starting over, clean slate feeling like I can do anything

And is it just me - or do you tend to write extra neatly the first time you use a brand new notepad??

I've discovered some awesome ones to share with you this week - perfect if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with your To Do List and could do with a better looking list to motivate you to get cracking on it!

So here we go... 5 cool notepads to make your To Do List more fun!

1. Cupcake memo pad: I mean, seriously. Have you ever seen a cuter notepad?? I'd be thinking of extra To Do's just so I could write them down on this. Adorable. Here's where you find it.

2. Aquanotes: I don't know why it happens, but whenever I'm in the shower everything I need to remember just comes flooding back to me! Problem is, I've normally forgotten it all again by the time I get out. With these in the shower - problem solved! Whoever thought of a waterproof notepad is a genius. Check them out here.

3. Iphone notepad:
 Yep, its paper - so for everyone out there who loves their iPhone but finds it hard to take notes on, this is the solution for you! Love it. Available here.

4. 'Vent It' notepad from MeManagement: This one is awesome! It's designed especially for writing down anything that's making you angry, upset, anxious or unhappy. Once you have it written down you feel this amazing sense of closure and can then scrunch up that negativity and bin (or recycle) it! Find it here.

5. Smiggle hamburger jotter: The bright colours on this is just gorgeous. And who doesn't love a hamburger?!? Here's where to get one.

Those should get you inspired to write and action your To Do List! 

Now it's your turn - what is your all time favourite notepad or To Do List tool?? Comment below and let me know or head over to Facebook and show me a pic!

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  1. I use the Kmart to do list. Pretty blue, check boxes (circles actually) - a must for me, $5 for my big writing and $2 to boot!

  2. That was A5 for my big writing, not $5!