Moving tips for busy families

This month I've been getting a LOT of requests for moving tips for busy families - there must be a lot of you moving at the moment :)

Moving house can be tricky - it's a big change for the family, and often the packing, cleaning and moving of belongings has to fit in around every day life - which is busy enough as it is! Add kids to the mix and suddenly the job can seem really overwhelming.

So today I have a few moving tips to share with you - here are my top tips for making moving easy!


  • Declutter as you pack: Do you really need to take everything with you to the new place? Now's the time to throw out anything broken, and sell or giveaway anything that doesn't really have a place in your home anymore (see here for an easy way to decide whether to keep or ditch)
  • Take a photo of the back of your electronics: So you know which plugs go where when you unpack at the new house. Great for the TV and computer
  • Pack breakables (crockery etc) in soft clothes instead of newspaper or bubble wrap: You'll save money - and because you're packing 2 things at once, you'll save time and space too!
  • Have a 'moving' folder, notebook or A4 size envelope: Use this to hold all the little papers, receipts, etc that come with moving. You can even keep your new keys there before the big day - having an assigned place for everything 'move related' will make life MUCH easier
  • Label boxes by room: Big letters, on all sides of the box, so whoever picks it up at the new place knows where to put it and you don't have to hunt around for it

On the day

  • Pack your picnic basket or a back pack with bottled water and snacks that don't need to be kept cold (and can be eaten by hand). Also pack a cup and plate for each person
  • On your very first trip to the new place
    take these make-life-easier items:
    • a torch
    • box cutter or scissors
    • rubbish bags
    • toilet paper
    • a bar of soap
    • a hand towel
    • your fully charged phone
    • light bulbs
    • a pack of baby wipes, (they’ll clean up anything) 
    • dustpan & brush
    • some cash
    • all the remotes to everything

For the kids

  • Organise a babysitter or play date if at all possible, so you can focus on the move and the youngest ones don't get upset wondering where you're taking their bed and all their toys
  • Pack a busy bag if the kids are with you - one bag each to keep them entertained when they get bored of moving day. Here are some ideas on what to put inside:
    • colouring book & crayons
    • stickers
    • figurines
    • play dough
    • lego
    • paper dolls
    • small puzzles
    • dominoes
    • chalk (for drawing on the ground outside)
    • book
    • magazine
    • anything else that will fit in a back pack
    • and if all of that fails - don't be scared to whip out your iPhone - even if you're not keen on them playing games on your phone, it can be their job to take photos of moving day :)
  • Don't forget to take a couple of soft blankets and their favourite cuddly toy for rest time - anything familiar will be comforting on the day

All in all - the more fun you make moving sound to your family, the more positive they'll be about it on the day - which will decrease your stress levels and help you focus on getting the job done. And don't forget to take a break yourself!

Moved recently? I'd love to know your moving tips too - share them in the comments below :)

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